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A Belated Introduction

Like writing a biography or a CV, an introduction post is a bloody difficult thing to write. Its essentially defined by trying to strike a balance upon the fine line between self promotion and chronic narcissism. In reality introduction posts on blogs probably serve no purpose at all anyway besides acting as a psychological aid to me as the writer. I know that nobody is ever likely to read this, but then I guess I need to start somewhere with it. So why not here.

Although this blog is fresh and devoid of any previous posts, it had been running with a number of posts on it up until a few weeks ago, but after sitting down and thinking about the direction I wanted to go with both this written blog and my Youtube account, I decided to reset the whole thing and start over from scratch. When I get the time, the posts that were on here before the purge will be sorted through for grammatical errors and reposted, but its probably going to take at least a few weeks before I get around to doing …