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Is It Time To Remove Politics From War Remembrance?

Well I did say that I would eventually cover something political; and I probably couldn't have picked a more controversial subject to start off with if I tried, but I feel that the points of which I am about to raise are morally correct, even if they are opposed to our nation's current traditions.

This year up until the 25th of June, there is an 'art' display on a barge pier at Shoebury near Southend which is in my stomping grounds. The sculpture, called The Wave was originally part of the Tower of London's display a few years back, which was made up of nearly 900,000 poppies; a poppy for every British serviceman lost during WWI. The Wave along with another similar sculpture made by the artists Paul Cummins and Tom Piper, are currently doing a tour around the country. Between the two sculptures they use up 10,000 of the original 900,000 from London. Seeing just a fraction of that total created for the Tower of London is upsetting to see and imagine each being a yo…

The Battle of Assandun

Last year on the 18th October it was the 1000th anniversary of a relatively obscure battle that occurred somewhere in Essex during the twilight years of the Anglo-Saxon period. Almost everybody has heard of the disastrous consequences that the Norman invasion had in 1066 for the Anglo-Saxons, but it is probably safe to say that the existence of, or implications of the lesser known battles at both Maldon in 991 and Assandun in 1016 are unheard of. The invasion of England by the Normans in 1066 was not some random event, and can be seen in many ways as the culmination of decades of political upheaval caused by the fact that nobody could quite agree on who was the rightful King of England.

Politics In The Lead Up
In real terms it could be said that the lead up to the battle of Assandun really began with the strife that emerged from the original Danelaw. The first Danish invasion of England in the mid-ninth century established a huge Danelaw territory until King Aethelstan successfully r…