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Southend's Early Aviation History

It seems hard to believe that the annual Southend Airshow which saw its debut in 1986 has now not been held since 2012. Growing up in the Southend area throughout the nineties and early noughties, the airshow became a huge spectacle for my generation. With aircraft arriving and performing practice flights, if you lived under the flight path at Rochford it was an event that lasted the whole week.

For those older than myself, the best memory of the airshow probably comes from the first in 1986 when a British Airways Concorde flight diverted on its way back to Heathrow to do a double pass over the seafront - with over a hundred passengers on board!

Sadly since 2012, the local council and organisers have both cited financial issues as being the cause for the scrapping of the event at Southend, and the prospects of it returning in the wake of other free airshow events around the country being cancelled (like the one originally planned for Great Yarmouth for June 2017)its chances are bleak…