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Lammas or Lughnasadh?

Back when our ancestors lived in an non-mechanised agrarian society, the grave importance of a successful harvest was deeply ingrained in the minds of our folk. In modern times however, our links to the natural cycles and the food in our bellies have been totally severed, and in many ways this poses a dangerous liability. In a world today going through the throws of deep economic and climatic changes, coupled with a multiplying global population - I would personally argue that getting back into a more traditional and appreciative mindset regarding both nature and our own food stocks is simply common sense. Many children growing up today lack even the most basic understanding of where our food comes from, and as a society I feel it is something that really ought to be addressed. Whether Pagan or Christian, dates put aside each year to celebrate a successful harvest could enrich our appreciation and understanding that we are a part of nature, rather than being some outside entity.

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